Orthognathic Surgery

In some cases, a combined orthodontic and surgical approach is the best course of treatment. This is something that will be assessed and discussed during the consultation and planning stages.

There are several surgical options to address orthodontic malocclusions. These include the placement of an expander after surgical treatment to separate and open the upper palate, corrective jaw surgery for one jaw or both the upper and lower jaws.

Dr David Austin will often provide multiple options for treatment: these include the “correct everything” option and the “correct alignment only” option, and everything in between. On one end of the spectrum of options you will have minor movements with the potential for treatment to be shorter and less involved. On the other end, you have the more comprehensive and multi-faceted treatment, which includes orthognathic “jaw” surgery.

Some orthodontic conditions that may be best treated using a combined orthodontic and surgical approach include:

If a combined approach is taken, Dr David Austin will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for consultation, and the two specialists will work together to develop and implement a treatment plan for you.

Please note that, while you might be recommended a combined plan, you may still be able to achieve very pleasing aesthetic results with orthodontic treatment alone.

To find out more about orthodontic surgery, and your treatment options, contact us today to organise a consultation with Specialist Orthodontist, Dr David Austin.