Children’s Orthodontics

The best course of orthodontic treatment is early intervention. That is, helping teeth develop into their ideal alignment from the early stages, and giving them a little guidance when needed.

We recommend that you have your child assessed by a specialist orthodontist anywhere between the ages of 7 to 10 years. This allows us to review “mixed dentition”, which means any adult teeth that are present in the mouth, as well as those that are coming in (“erupting”), and the remaining baby teeth.

Benefits of an early assessment by an orthodontist include:

  • Minimise and simplify the cost and length of treatment that may be needed when your child is older
  • Familiarise your child with the dental treatment environment from an early age
  • Teach your children about good oral hygiene habits
  • Education for the parents on what to look out for with the child’s oral development

Early intervention orthodontics is often referred to as “phase one” treatment as it is commonly followed by a second phase when the child reaches their teenage years. However, phase one treatment is nearly always undertaken in order to simplify the second phase.

To find out more about children’s orthodontics, and your child’s treatment options, contact us today to organise a consultation with Specialist Orthodontist, Dr David Austin.